Hi my names Eva and I am a biological science (BSc) graduate and bioscientist from Birmingham.

I started EvaKnows not really to talk to woman about beauty (although that is one of my absolute favourite topics) but to encourage woman to take an interest in the sciences particularly biology in order to help them make better decisions about how they are taking care of their body.

I want to help support women in their quest to take look after their both externally and internally by teaching them the scientific truths behind the mass of false advertising and beauty industry jargon that clouds our understand of the human body and what we can realistically do to protect and improve it.

I am not trying to start a crusade or a mass media movement in which woman stand up against cosmetic companies and point the finger at their lies, I just want to create a safe place that woman can come to learn a little something new and effective that will help them improve the quality and health of their body and intern their beauty over time.

In truth Eva isn’t even about exposing the cosmetic industry. She is about biology…and helping you to learn a little each day about what your body needs to look and feel at its best.

My blog and indeed all my social media channels have been created just so that I can reach out to any woman (or man) whose interested in learning a little something about their own body and how they can improve it little by little everyday.

Of course I like to use myself as my test dummy when it comes to trying out all the new biology facts and skincare products I uncover along the way just to make it a little more entertaining! (mostly for myself)

That’s the point of Eva really, to make biology a little more entertaining for all you beautiful and intelligent woman out their that take the look and health of your body seriously!

So if your looking for a beauty blog that’s all about makeup routines and the life of a beauty junkie this one probably isn’t for you. But if you are someone really interested in improving the look and health of your body by going back to basics and learning about how you work (in a biological sense) then my blog is definitely for you.

Welcome to biology 101!

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Have a beautiful day ladies!


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