This is a beautiful little fragrance diffuser I picked over christmas by Kenneth Turner in the scent Magnolia.
Although I’m not a huge fan of fragrance in my skincare I still love to enjoy the waft of a relaxing scent around my home. I’ve mentioned in past posts that I also have a fascination with scented candles and although I don’t tend to buy them often myself I love the smell of those cute little stuffed mini pillows in the shape of hearts or teddy bears that waft a subtle fragrance in a draw or wardrobe (wherever you hang them up) Its driving em mad that I can’t remember what they’re called… anyone know?

Anyways although I don’t like fragrance in my beauty products I do completely agree that smelling pleasant or nostalgic smells can be incredibly beneficial to our state of mind and our mood and so I just wanted to introduce you guys to a fragrance and brand I always love in my home. Just incase anyone is looking for a nice one to introduce into their own.

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