So I recently brought a candle from my favourite brand Diptyque in the beautiful scent Amber. I have to admit I’ve been on a huge candle shopping spree for the past couple of months collecting all my favourite scents and styles and adding them to every room in my house, refusing to burn any of them but as it’s snowing today I’ve planned as a special treat to myself to “actually” light one and enjoy it for what it really is a beautiful candle not just an accessory for my shelf lol.
I don’t know does anyone else have a phobia of burning the candles they buy? I just hate the thought of finding the right gorgeous candle and then letting it burn down or turn black on the rim of the glass. so I’m obsessed with keeping them untouched. But today I’m going to will myself to light this one up as I work in my office on my new IknowImPerfectPrints collection. Sounds like the makings of a relaxing day at work 😄💕
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