There are so many things about Christmas I love but one thing I just get so excited about is the gorgeous makeup and skincare products that friends and family pick up for you that you would of forgotten to pick up yourself. I absolutely love Ted Baker shower and skincare products (even if i always forget to pick them up myself, thank goodness for the holidays) not only because i think they’re a nice quality but also because they are animal cruelty free!!! The only thing that’s not my fave is the level of fragrance they like to add in but I just have to overlook it as the fact that a great mainstream brand is also cruelty free is just too warm and fuzzy for me to pass up 🙂 Does anyone know of any other great mainstream animal cruelty free skincare or makeup brands I cold try out this year?? HUGE bonus points if they don’t tend to use too much fragrance, I love when you guys have helped me out in the past, I’ve discovered so many of my new skincare favorites that way!! Thanks my lovely beauty ladies!!! Visit my blog for more fun and quirky biology based beauty tips and tricks:

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