So I’ve been off social media for a little while now. I decided to take some time away from Evaknows and run off to learn some amazing new things, start a little business, pack up all the skincare and makeup I could fit into my suitcase and move home with my puppy and boyfriend in tow and just explore life after I spent so much of it in a university science lab learning about “my favourite subject ever” science. But lately I’ve found myself gravitating back to my little Evaknows world which has always been so full of makeup, wonderful social media beauty tips and tricks and everything so super girly and wonderful i cant help but smile as i flick through everyone’s makeup instagram photos and beauty blogs.

So today I’ve finally decided to take the tiny plunge and slowly start building Evaknows back up to be a part of that wonderful world again. (If anyone is interested in my little science based beauty tips and recommendation posts that is) 😄 So I hope that from now on you might find something either a tad useful or interesting here again now that I’m back and hopefully I might be able to make Eva into the little biology based beauty hotspot I’ve always wanted her to be. But even if she never becomes everything I want her to become I know now that I will have a dam good time creating her…because as the slogan says “fuck it ima take selfies anyways” 😉💕 #makeup #beauty #selfielove #beautiful #makeupartist #biology #scientificbeauty #love #girl #girly #makeuptips #makeuptips #skincare #skincarejunkie #makeupjunkie#skincaretips #motivation#innerbeauty #beautyblogger


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