The price tag hanging off a product has almost nothing to do with the quality of what’s inside. In fact many inexpensive products can be just as good if not better for you than expensive because what really counts is the ingredients that make up its formula not the brand or the name on the outside.

You may be thinking that more expensive products hold their price tag because they are better formulated than others but this simply is not the case. Unfortunately you cant tell a great product from a bad just by looking at its cost. Its all down to the types of ingredients a product contains and the strength of the concentrations it uses. In general the first ten ingredients included in the ingredients list on the back of the bottle represent the main components of what’s inside and so making sure that they are beneficial to solving your beauty problem, non irritating and nourishing for the skin or hair is key.

For example an expensive skincare product that contains alcohol, fragrant plant oils and citrus (all very irritating ingredients) is infinitely worse for your skin than a cheaper product that is fragrance free, alcohol free and chocked full of nourishing ingredients such as antioxidants and cell communicating ingredients. Similarly a strongly fragranced expensive toner is going to be just as irritating as a strongly fragranced cheap toner regardless of the price.

So although it may be appealing to think you are buying into quality when you reach for that high-end brand of cleanser or conditioner don’t be fooled, the truth is unless you know what your getting inside the bottle and are sure its worth the cash don’t bother spending crazy money on cosmetics, it’s price tag can’t guarantee it’s really worth the expense.


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  1. Love this! I’ve found so many brands that are much better than the leading high end ones.. You pay more for packaging and brand names these days… Also if you have time check out my blog posts , I’d love some feedback!x


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