Recently I was inspired by @glossier to share some of my current favourite beauty products that I usually have stashed in one handbag or another with my lovely blog followers!
So I just wanted to post a photo of some of my current favourites incase anyone would be interested in having a peek.
As the winters drawing in and autumn’s shaping up to be pretty wet and windy I always like to carry a handcream with me to keep my hands (and body) moisturised. I am currently in love with sainsbury’s cruelty free skin therapy hand cream. Its super moisturising yet non greasy. Perfect for quickly applying after drying your hands or when your out in the harsh autumn weather during the day!

Speaking of moisturisers leads me merrily onto my daily face moisturiser which currently alternates between this lovely gentle moisturiser by Sainsburys that I like to carry around in my handbag and my Ren daily moisturiser which I apply first thing in the morning for a good dose of hydration.
I also like to carry my Ren eye cream in my handbag but I actually have no excuse for why it’s there. Its little and cute and full of eye cream goodness and that’s the only reason why I carry it with me wherever I go!šŸ˜„ There are very few subjects that I can talk about with as much passion as I do for biology but I have to admit that my obsession for hair is one of them!

I actually can’t remember how many haircare products I’ve used over the years to get my hair to look the way it does today and the contents of every handbag I own vehemently displays my love for haircare by containing at least one hair care product and a wide tooth comb.
In this bag which usually takes me from day to night I frequently stash a supply of my favourite @leestafford hair shine spray to keep my hair glossy during the day.

So thanks @glossier for inspiring me to do this post and please let me know any great products you love to keep with you everyday? I know you guys must have some great gems hidden in your handbags just waiting to be recommended!šŸ˜„šŸ’•


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