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As of yet there is no way to prevent the sebaceous glands from secreting excess oil onto the skin just by using skincare (trust us as soon as there is we will let you know), but you can easily and quickly remove, restrict and decrease the effects of the build-up of natural oil on the skin bringing back the less greasy more glowing look and feel to your body and face.

The trick is just to create an oily skincare routine that incorporates all the right ingredients and products that can remove and replace the natural oils on the skin. It may sound like a hard thing to do but with our help it’s really as easy as following 5 little steps…

  1. Your cleansing: Throw out your heavier cream or lotion cleansers for gentle lighter weight products such as micellar water or cleansing milk. We offer some great and easy choices below. Remember skin often reacts to counter the damage you’ve done to cleanse it, so if you’re scrubbing at your face with harsh irritating chemicals in an attempt to rid it of oil be prepared for the glands on the skin to react by quickly producing more sebum to replace it. The key to cleansing is to be gentle to your skin. Gently cleanse the makeup and oil from your face both in the morning and at night (remember don’t over clean your skin) and focus on using products with non-irritating ingredients to keep the skins counteraction at a low.
  2. Your toning: Now we know if you suffer from oily skin you can seriously become addicted to the dry, matt feel a bottle of toner on the face can give you and by all means using a toner is an important part of ridding oil from the face. But please let us warn you, your toner is one of those products that depending on its ingredients and the way you use it can either be a gift from the goddess of beauty or a curse. As a toner can truly make or break the quality of your skin we have dedicated a whole article to telling you how to get it right (shown here) but for right now here’s the basics of what you NEED in your toner and not. An alcohol free, NON irritating toner that is packed full of soothing, cell communicating ingredients is key to tone any type of skin but in particular using a product that contains no irritating ingredients is essential for treating oily skin. It’s simple if a chemical irritates the skin, in reaction the sebaceous glands release copious amounts of oil to try and coat the face or body to protect it from the harmful intrusion. In addition if your toner contains ingredients that quickly dry out the skin such as alcohol, the sebaceous glands again release more sebum to counteract the dryness by increasing oil production on the skin. In short it’s about gentle non irritating ingredients filling your toner bottle and applying it in a gentle non rubbing way. We know it’s hard to be gentle when all you want to do is scrub the oil away but trust us… like most things your skin reacts better to a gentle touch than an iron fist.
  3. Your exfoliator:  Once again its chemical exfoliators to the rescue and we could not sing its praises enough when it comes to treating oily skin. The sticky, binding texture of sebum tends to prevent the usually sloughing of dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin causing a build-up of unmoving oil coated skin cells to coat the face or body of those with oily skin. BHA’s such as salicylic acid and AHA’s such as glycolic acid work to breakdown the dead skin cells and oil from the top layers and inside the pores promoting normal sloughing of the skin to reveal the less oil coated, matter new skin cells beneath. Chemical exfoliation with these two ingredients in particular salicylic acid also works to prevent oil clogging the pores of the skin preventing the common issues you may accumulate later with untreated oily skin such as blackheads, wide pores and whiteheads.
  4. Your Moisturiser: We know what you’re thinking… probably because we as well understand how counterintuitive it may seem but yes a great moisturiser will help you take care of your oily skin. It’s true even though you may suffer from oily skin we will not allow you to dismiss the fact that your skin, especially under an oily skincare routine, needs always to remain hydrated, defended and UV protected from the harsh environment you live in come city girl or all you ladies out there in the towns or countryside. No matter where you are or what skin type you have we wouldn’t be good people if we couldn’t find you a great moisturizer for day and for night. (moisturisers for oily skin).

The key to finding a great moisturizer for oily skin is to look for products that contain non greasy emollients that don’t have a tendency to clog pores e.g. dimethicone, hyaluronic acid and put away the heavy products laced with ingredient such as petrolatum or mineral oil which are commonly used in moisturisers. Ingredients such as dimethicone are commonly used in oil free moisturisers as emollients (ingredients that trap water on the skin) but are beneficial for oily skin because they don’t have a tendency to clog pores or look oily in appearance. An easy way to substitute your old moisturizer for a non-greasy update is to try one of the great quality oil free, skin healthy moisturisers we have recommended below or you can check out our post on (the best moisturisers for your skin type) if you want to gain a little more knowledge about all the great options out there. Whichever product you decide, know a great moisturiser can do miracles for the look and feel of your skin so chuck a great one into your skincare routine use it consistently (as we always advice) and watch it get to work.

  1. Oil blotting papers: A great addition to your handbag ladies. If you suffer from oily skin just throw a packet of these in your bag and your good to go. Oil blotting pads are a great way to remove excess oil from your face throughout the day when there’s no chance you’ve got time or the inclination to cleanse tone moisturise and reapply your makeup in the ladies toilets or your office cubicle. These little beauties will help to keep the oily appearance of your skin at bay till your bedtime skincare routine in a discrete way and for this we recommend every girl who may get oily skin have them locked and ready to go when their stepping out their door.

The trick to keeping oily skin at bay is simple if you know how to easily tackle the problem and are prepared to make some quick simple changes in order to return the balance to your skin. Remember oily skin is just caused by skin glands releasing excess natural oil, research has shown that this is generally due a high release of specific hormones in the body due to genetic tendencies or natural increases during certain times of the month. As of yet no skincare product can actually prevent these hormonal increases but many can help to remove, reduce and replace the natural oil on your skin. If you are only mildly suffering from excessive oil production in certain areas then just incorporating a few changes to your routine may help you achieve smooth, non-greasy glowing skin, for example simply changing your cleanser or moisturiser for one of the great products recommended below, however if you are prone to suffering from severely oily skin you may want to consider switching up your whole skincare routine to tailor it for your exact skin needs in order to help all the products in your routine drastically improve for the look and feel of your skin.


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